Best Nintendo Switch Lite Controller - Instant Gaming Reviews (2023)

Nintendo Switch Liteis only designed and optimized for portable mode. For this reason, the control units are built-in and cannot be removed as Joy-Cons. The built-in controllers do not supportHD Rumbleor the IR motion cameras required for motion control. Therefore, you cannot play games that use motion controls, for example: Call Fit Adventure or Fitness Boxing 2. Read this Nintendo Switch Lite Controller.


1Best Nintendo Switch Lite Controller

1.1Solid Wireless Controller

1.2YHT Wireless Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch

1.3Wireless Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo

1.5PDP Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Audio Controls

1.6PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

2Nintendo Switch Lite Controller Features

2.1High-Performance Control

2.2Ergonomic Design

2.3Wireless Connection and Common Sharing

3Frequently Asked Questions

3.1Can you use a Controller on Nintendo Switch Lite?

3.2Does Switch Lite Come with Separate Joy-Cons or Pro Controls?

3.3Does Switch Lite only Play Handheld Games?

3.4Can you use a PS4 controller on Switch Lite?

3.5Can you Use Switch Lite as a Controller for Smash?

3.6Can you Connect Xbox Controller to Switch Lite?

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Best Nintendo Switch Lite Controller

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are good controls, but they are expensive. Some of the best third-party switches may be better options. Whether you prefer smaller Joy-Cons or heavier Pro-Controller, everyone has their preferences. If you want a more traditional game control for your Switch and want to spend less money, you have other options. Here are our favorite third-party controllers for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Solid Wireless Controller

It is probably the best third-party switch controller closest to the Nintendo Pro controller. It is wireless and has motion control,30 hours of battery life, and the same design as the Pro Controller for Switch. As with other PowerA controllers, two AA batteries are also required.

YHT Wireless Joypad Controller for Nintendo Switch

Check this pair enough if you need Joy-Cons or need an extra set for multiplayer games. They turn on and off at the Switch, including motion controls, and even give a bang. Choose from six different color choices.

Wireless Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo

It has a high price, but the Nintendo Pro Controller is still thebest traditional game controllerfor playing Switch games like Splatoon 2 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the utmost precision. The transparent plastic design is strong and extremely comfortable, with ergonomic curves and textured handles on the handles. The pins are durable and soft to the touch, and the buttons on the front are large and click satisfactorily.

One of the control unit’s only faults is the D-pad, solid but not as large or as accurate as some third-party options. Pro Controller also supportsFull HD motionandvibration controland NFC scanning features in Amiibos.

8BitDo SN30 Pro+

If you want to play retro games and platforms like the Mega Man X Legacy Collection,Super Mario Maker 2, and many Switch NES games to play, the8BitDo SN30is the best Nintendo Switch controller.

This retro-elegant cushion is a copy of the iconic Super Nintendo control with a light candy design, an impressive D-pad, and eye-catching face buttons. Best of all, the latest SN30 models are available in a range of beautiful Game Boy Pocket-inspired colors. If you want the antique SN30 design with two extra pins and buttons on the shoulders, we recommend that you try the SN30 Pro.

PDP Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Audio Controls

PDP Faceoff Deluxe + Wired Audio Controlleris the only one of our best Nintendo Switch controllers that can connect headphones. It means you can dive deeper into Breath of the Wild from the couch or use your gaming headset to chat with friends in games that support built-in voice chat (including Fortnite). It is also a reasonable budget control, with solid plastic construction, good pins and triggers, and practical programmable buttons on the back to allocate extra inputs.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

If you do not own Nintendo’s $70 Pro Controller, the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controlleris the best alternative to Nintendo Switch controllers for less than $ 20. This gamepad has a light but robust design, solid buttons, andanalog sticksthat we found even softer than the Pro control.

While the PowerA controller has no noise, you still get motion control support forSplatoon 2andMario Kart 8 Deluxe. In addition, the updated wireless controller comes in a variety of intelligent color combinations, including licensing options forMario, Zelda, and Diablo.

Nintendo Switch Lite Controller Features

High-Performance Control

These wireless switch controllerssupport 6-axis gyro sensors,automatic suspensionandmotion control,Turbo, andscreen recording. Suppose you play Nintendo motion detection games likeThe Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, etc. This feature will give you a better experience and allow you to enjoy the feeling of immersion.

Ergonomic Design

These game controllers areequipped with symmetrical joysticksso that the wireless remote control can be held comfortably in your hands, even during hours of play.

Wireless Connection and Common Sharing

These switch controllers work with Bluetooth within 10 meters. It is stable and has a solid design for smooth functions. It supports four people to play simultaneously, perfect for parties and family fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a Controller on Nintendo Switch Lite?

Switch Lite still has the same functionality as the classicNintendo Switch for wireless controllers. You can connect a pair of Joy-cons or any Nintendo Switch controller to Switch Lite. It is the only way to experience HD shake or shake controls when playing Switch Lite.

Does Switch Lite Come with Separate Joy-Cons or Pro Controls?

The Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch Pro Console are purchased individually. We understand that this can be frustrating. However, we believe it’s worth it if you primarily favor mobile games. However, have a soft spot for games that require motion controls.

Does Switch Lite only Play Handheld Games?

TheNintendo Switch Lite is intended for games that can be played with remote control. If a game does not allow handheld mode, Switch Lite can still be used to play it. To play these tracks, you must connect a compatible controller such as Joy-Cons or Pro Controller.

Can you use a PS4 controller on Switch Lite?

With the Nintendo Switch Lite, you can use a Pro Remote. While the Nintendo Switch Lite is only designed for handheld mode, you can still use the same control accessories, including the Pro Controller and separate pairs of Joy-Cons.

Can you Use Switch Lite as a Controller for Smash?

Up to eight players can compete with a Nintendo Switch console.

  1. Select Smash from the main menu, then select smash again.
  2. Let player 1 adjusts the matching options as desired until he reaches the character selection screen.
  3. Choose the form of controls for each player (a single Joy-Con, a pair of Joy-Con controls, a Pro Controller, or a GameCube controller are all options).
  4. After defining the controls for each player, let each player choose their fighter.
  5. When all the warriors are ready, select Ready for the battle to start the fight.

Can you Connect Xbox Controller to Switch Lite?

Can you use an Xbox One,Xbox Series X, orXbox Series Scontroller (orPlayStation 4controller) on a Nintendo Switch? The answer is yes. However, it would help if you used an affordable USB adapter from MayFlash.

  • First, connect the MayFlash Magic NS to one of the Switch’s USB ports.
  • Click on the settings menu at the bottom of the Switch’s home screen.
  • Go to Controllers and Sensors and enable wired communication with the Pro Controller.
  • Go back and select Change grip/order.
  • Ensure that the Nintendo Switch Joycons controllers assign a controller by pressing both triggers shown here.

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What is the best controller for Nintendo Switch Lite? ›

Best Nintendo Switch controllers you can buy today
  1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The best Nintendo Switch controller overall. ...
  2. 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth. ...
  3. PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller. ...
  4. GameSir T4 Kaleid. ...
  5. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller. ...
  6. Nyxi Wizard. ...
  7. 8BitDo Pro 2. ...
  8. Hori Split Pad Pro.
Aug 29, 2023

Is it worth getting a Pro controller for the Switch Lite? ›

But if you get an external controller with HD Rumble and motion control support, such as the Pro Controller or Joy-Cons, then you will have that feature with your Switch Lite. It's a minor detail, but it definitely adds to the multi-dimensional gaming experience that the Switch can offer.

What is the best Switch controller for retro gaming? ›

8BitDo Pro 2 Controller

Featuring advanced functions such as rumble and motion controls, this controller is the best of both retro and modern gaming. The Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with Apple, Switch, PC, Android, Steam Deck, and Raspberry Pi.

What is the best controller for Switch handheld mode? ›

Best for handheld mode: Hori Split Pad Compact

One of the best is the Split Pad Compact, a pair of full-sized Joy-Con alternatives. Like Joy-Cons, they hook onto the sides of the Switch.

What controller can I use with Switch Lite? ›

The Joy-Con can be used as wireless controllers on Nintendo Switch Lite, or connected as wired controllers using a licensed accessory, such as the Dual USB PlayStand for Nintendo Switch Lite by HORI. A Nintendo Switch system or the Joy-Con Charging Grip (sold separately) is required to charge the Joy-Con controllers.

Can any controller work on Switch Lite? ›

The Switch Lite is still a fully functioning Switch, every controller and accessory available for the “main” console is also compatible with the Lite (The Labo being an interesting exception, as the Lite will is not able to fit the cardboard constructions that you make with each kit).

Is there a Switch controller that doesn t drift? ›

The components inside Nyxi's Wizard controller joysticks don't physically touch, meaning there's no chance of drift. I've been working at PCMag since November 2016, covering all areas of technology and video game news.

Can I connect Switch Lite to TV? ›

Play games on the big screen, either on your own, or together with family and friends. TV Mode-compatible games () are supported. *Games displaying a () or () icon do not support TV Mode. *Nintendo Switch Lite does not support TV Mode.

How many pro controllers can connect to Switch Lite? ›

You can use up to 8 controllers at the same time, either wirelessly or via a wired connection, simply by pairing the controllers with the console. *The number of players who can actually play at any one time depends on the title and game mode being used.

What is the best alternative to Joycon? ›

Hori Split Pad Pro

This one is arguably the best third-party alternative you can buy to Nintendo's Joy-Cons.

What is better than the Joycon controller? ›

While the price tag may be higher than some other options, the Nintendo Switch Pro Wireless Controller is the best overall controller for the Nintendo Switch. It's perfectly sized, has a massive 40-hour battery life, and has seamless connectivity.

Are there better controllers for Nintendo Switch? ›

The best controllers are the Pro Wireless Controller, PowerA Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller, Nintendo's Joy-Con Wireless Controllers, FLIEEP Wireless Switch Controller (budget option), and the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch - Mario Pop.

What controllers can wake up the Switch? ›

The KingKong Pro 2 can even wake the Switch from sleeping and supports Amiibo.

What is the best Switch controller for gamespot? ›

Bottom line: The 8BitDo Pro 2 Ultimate and Pro 2 are the best Switch controllers when it comes to customization. The Ultimate costs $20 more than the Pro 2, but it also comes with a charging dock. These controllers have features that pro-style controllers sold for twice the price or more don't have.

Is it better to play the switch with the Pro controller? ›

With a more comfortable grip, better buttons, and no missing features, the Pro Controller is one of the premier ways to play Switch games. Little else compares, especially if you spend most of your playtime connected to a TV.

What are the pros of getting a Switch Lite? ›

Being a lot smaller than the normal Switch, it's a lot more travel-friendly and is therefore a great starter console for kids or gamers on the go. There are very few games that aren't playable on the Switch Lite too, so you don't need to worry too much about missing out on the best titles!

Should you get a pro controller for switch? ›

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: verdict

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is an excellent pad. It's a must-have if you primarily use your Nintendo Switch at home, but it is great for tabletop mode too.

Can you get joy con drift on Switch Lite? ›

If you own a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, then you've probably worried about Joy-Con drift. As your Switch ages, dust and dirt makes its way under the rubber diaphragm protecting the electrical contacts beneath the joystick on your Joy-Con, and the problem is made worse as the contacts are worn down over time.

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