15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (2023)

Do you love playing classic N64 games? If so, then you know how amazing it is to relive those memories. But what if you could take these classic games and make them even better? Well, that’s exactly what ROM hacks are for.

ROM hacks are modifications of the original game, created by a fan or a team of fans, that can change the game in some ways. From minor tweaks to complete overhauls, there’s a whole world of possibility when it comes to ROM hacks.

So, if you’re ready to relive some classic N64 nostalgia such as Pokemon or Super Mario with a twist, here are some of the best N64 ROM hacks of all time.

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    15. The Legend Of Zelda: Waluigi Of Time

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    First on our list is the unique hack of the classic game featuring fan-favorite Waluigi who is up to the challenge of saving Hyrule from Ganon’s evil plans. The game follows a similar structure to the original “The Legend of Zelda”, but with new enemies, items, levels, and even an entirely different storyline.

    What makes it more challenging is that you have to find the scattered pieces of Master Sword and assemble them.

    It also includes some new features to help you defeat the bosses faster, like finding cheat codes in hard-to-reach areas of Hyrule.

    14. Goldeneye: Peach’s Castle

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (2)

    This N64 ROM hack adds a fresh twist to the classic shooter by replacing the classic James Bond with Mario attempting to rescue Peach’s castle from the clutches of Bowser and his Koopalings.

    As the player progresses through the game, Mario will encounter many of Bowser’s minions along the way. The game also features an array of weapons, gadgets, and power-ups that players can use to take down Bowser’s forces.

    13. Pokémon Stadium Kaizo

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (3)

    If you’re a fan of Pokémon, then you’ll love the Pokémon Stadium Kaizom which is a ROM hack of the original Pokémon Stadium game for the N64. It takes the classic game and gives it a complete overhaul.

    Like other Pokemon Rom hacks Not only graphically upgraded, but the levels have been redesigned to create a brand new experience. Plus, the team has added a bunch of new features, like a new Pokémon Stadium tournament and a new mini-game.

    Players can now take part in a variety of mini-games, such as a match-3 game, a fishing game, and a puzzle game.

    These mini-games are a great way to break up the action and add some variety to the game. Plus, they’re a great way to earn rewards that can be used in the main game.

    This is probably one of the ultra-hard version Pokemon modifications to date.

    Up for more challenges? Try these fanmade rom hacks to test your coping skills from a progressive difficulty level.

    12. Star Fox 64: Survival

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (4)

    In this N64 ROM hack, you get to play as Fox Mccloud, and y survive 30 days fighting off random enemies while collecting random rewards. The game field is always the same but there’s variation in terrain and theme – for example lava and fire areas with narrow platforms or slippery icy areas.

    It requires strategy, so it pays to be smart and use both attack and defense as they are littered with bombs and flowers. After clearing the enemies, Mccloud will be given a treasure chest containing random items such as fireball, ruby, or total garbage. There is also a market where you can buy a red potion or a Hylian shield.

    11. Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (5)

    This hack takes the original game and gives it a complete makeover and has added a bunch of new features, like new power-ups, enemies, and even a new level.

    Goombas run insanely fast and bombs explode in contact which brings an insane amount of damage.

    In the final fight, Mario won’t kill Bowser by throwing him into bombs but through a fire flower which means he can get to shoot fireballs to slay Bowser.

    10. F-Zero DXP

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (6)

    The team at F-Zero DXP has really gone the extra mile with this ROM hack. The levels now feature hidden secrets and puzzles that must be solved in order to progress. This adds a whole new layer of depth to the game and makes it even more enjoyable.

    And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also added a bunch of new vehicles, power-ups, unique game modes like ‘capture the flag’, and tournament mode where players can compete against each other in a variety of different tournaments.

    9. Super Donkey Kong 64

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (7)

    Do you remember placing 5 different monkeys to collect bananas and beat up a giant alligator, then Mario came into the picture?

    Well, this is the desert island world from DK64, now with new features like the Mario levels in it. Mario plays with new moves and power-ups- including a mini hat that turns him into a flashand lets him jump really high and jump spin really fast to escape the deadly quicksand.

    One of the mini-games for this ROM hacks N64 is in Fungi Forest where he should kill all the moles while dodging their orbs that spit out fireballs at certain intervals.

    8. Banjo Kazooie: Stay At Home

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (8)

    This is a genius N64 ROM hack related to the pandemic. The heart of the game is to keep gamers occupied during COVID-19 and challenge themselves by staying home and playing kazooie throughout the pandemic.

    In this game, instead of collecting honey for your health, you must collect toilet paper which reflects one of the priorities during COVID-19.

    The theme of this hack is a remix level of Mario and Bomberman that also features secret levels and easter eggs for gamers to find.

    7. Super Mario 64: Sonic Edition

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (9)

    The Super Mario 64: Sonic Edition is one of the most beloved N64 hacks ROM of all time. This features Sonic the Hedgehog as a playable character and adds a host of new levels to the original Super Mario 64 game. You can expect plenty of speed and thrills as you make your way through this modified game.

    Along the way, you’ll encounter robotic enemies, hidden areas, and more as you explore an altered version of the Mushroom Kingdom. The controls are easy to learn and the level design is just as good as the original game.

    6. Banjo Kazooie: Gruntilda’s Mask

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (10)

    This hack will test Link’s determination in saving Termina from destruction.

    The game introduces new concepts like the repeating three-day cycle and time travel, plus many masks that can transform Link into different beings.

    As Link makes his way through the game, he learns to play tunes on his Ocarina that can control time or open up doors to four temple dungeons to solve puzzles and conquer enemies.

    5. Ocarina of Time: Four Swords

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (11)

    Ocarina of Time: Four Swords is definitely on our list of best n64 ROM hacks of all time.

    This hack will allow you to use different items like bombs or fire arrows that were not available before.

    You will have to fight against Ganon, the evil king of darkness who wants to take over the world by capturing the Triforce. But he can’t do that if there are four Links standing in his way!

    You will be able to explore different places such as Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, and many others.

    The hack also features many new enemies like the Dark Link or Fire Wizard which you will have to face in order to reach Ganon’s castle.

    4. The Legend Of Zelda: Voyager Of Time

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (12)

    This game has you playing as Link, who must travel through time to save Princess Zelda from Ganon.

    You’ll have to use different items and weapons (including your sword) to solve puzzles that get progressively harder throughout the course of the adventure.

    You’ll encounter a new game engine, new dungeons, other items you can use, and jokes that crack up the atmosphere.

    3. 40 Winks

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (13)

    Players get to choose from ruff and tumble to stick with for the rest of the game. for the rest of the game.

    They will be fighting against Nightkap, who is jealous of people who get to sleep peacefully.

    The goal is to defeat the rival called Hoodwinks, who kidnapped Wink creatures in order to take over their jobs which were originally giving good dreams.

    2. Super Mario 64: Last Impact

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (14)

    The Super Mario 64: Last Impact gives players a completely new gaming experience featuring improved graphics, unique levels, and various customizations.

    Additionally, Last Impact adds more than 20 new levels that each feature their own set of secrets, challenges, and surprises.

    This hack also introduces new characters, such as two additional playable characters, as well as an array of helpful items that can be used to enhance the game’s experience.

    In Last Impact, Mario must collect all 120 stars in order to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach from his clutches.

    Along the way, Mario will face off against familiar enemies such as Goombas and Koopas, as well as a few new ones.

    Plus, Mario will explore brand-new environments, such as snow-capped mountains, underwater caves, and ancient ruins.

    1. The Legend Of Banjo Kazooie: The Jiggies Of Time

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (15)

    The Jiggies of Time has become one of the most popular N64 ROM hacks of all time but with a unique twist.

    Instead of collecting jigsaw pieces to complete each level, players must collect jiggies (collectible stars) to unlock new worlds and progress through the game.

    The Jiggies of Time adds a few other features to make the game even more exciting. Not only does it feature an improved level design and better graphics, but it also adds an array of new enemies and items for players to contend with.

    Moreover, players can take advantage of several new power-ups to help them progress through levels faster. This includes being able to shoot eggs from a helicopter or transforming into a wasp to fly through levels.

    For years, we could only experience these best N64 Rom hacks through handheld devices or on our PC, but now with Open Emu hacks, we can enjoy them on a different operating system. Check out an example here!


    How to Make N64 Rom Hacks

    Did you know that you can also hack your N64 games and create your own custom versions?

    That’s right – with a few simple steps, you can take your N64 gaming experience to the next level.
    First, you’ll need to download an N64 emulator that allows you to run games on your computer as if they were running on a real console.

    Once you have the emulator installed, you can start downloading ROMs of your favorite N64 games.

    Next, you’ll need to obtain a copy of the game you want to hack. You can do this by dumping the game from your own cartridge using an emulator and ROM dumping software, or by downloading a ROM from the internet.

    Once you have your game file, you’ll need to use a hex editor to modify it. Once you have your hex editor open, you can begin modifying the game data.

    For example, you could change enemy behavior, dialogue, or level design. Once you’ve made your changes, you’ll need to test them out. To do this, you’ll need to run the game in an emulator.

    Once you’ve tested your changes and everything is working as intended, you can then create a patch file that can be applied to the original ROM.

    This will allow others to play your hacked game without having to edit the ROM themselves.

    How to Play N64 Rom Hacks

    Follow these steps to play a ROM hack:

    1. Download the IPS file of the hack and unzip it.

    2. Download an IPS Patcher and unzip it into a folder.

    3. Find and download a CLEAN ROM (unmodified) of the game the hack is based on.

    4. Download an appropriate emulator and unzip it into a folder where you won’t lose it.

    5. Using the IPS patcher, apply the IPS file to the clean ROM.

    6. Open the emulator and run the resulting modified ROM.

    7. Select the IPS file downloaded, then pick the ROM corresponding to the hack

    8. Select the IPS file downloaded, then pick the ROM corresponding to the hack. Double click the emulator and look for the ROM under File > Open. The game will be running if the IPS is applied correctly.

    15 Best N64 ROM Hacks Of All Time - BeStreamer (16)


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